Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Recovery

Eyelid lift is a relatively less invasive cosmetic surgery procedure involving a limited recovery phase. However, the patient will have to give adequate rest to the eyes for the first few days to achieve safe, stellar, and desirable results. The patient should be ready to follow the post-surgical care instructions of the surgeon carefully in order to minimize recovery.

During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will discuss about various aspects of recovery. The patients should feel free to ask questions about the expected downtime and precautions required during the recovery phase.

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Recovery Process

Eyelid surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, but in exceptional cases, a patient may require an overnight hospital stay if they have a complicated eye condition. Patients should expect to stay home for about a week following blepharoplasty, and protect the eyes from sun, wind, and bright light.

After a week, most patients will go back to their normal routine or return to their workplace. But complete recovery after eyelid surgery can take a few weeks. The surgeon will remove sutures at the end of first week. Redness will resolve in the first week, while swelling in the incision sites will subside from the second week onwards.

Following eyelid plastic surgery, for a few days the patient will be required to avoid or minimize any activities that cause exertion to the eyes, such as reading, watching TV or working on the computer or mobile phone. In the early recovery phase, these activities can put strain and increase blood flow to the eyes, thereby delaying the recovery. With adequate rest and precautions, the patient can have a safe and expedited recovery.

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Side Effects

A temporary side effect of eyelid surgery is swelling and redness around the incision areas. The patient may feel soreness, dryness, and itching, and in some cases, excessive tearing may also occur. The surgeon will prescribe mild pain medications and a topical cream to keep the patient comfortable during the initial recovery.

Blurry vision may occur in a few patients, while some others may develop sensitivity to light. But these side effects are transient and will go away without requiring any specific treatment. In any case, the patient should diligently follow the surgeon’s post-surgical care instructions.



For the first 48 hours after the eyelid surgery, the patient should frequently apply cold compresses or ice packs over the incision sites to mitigate soreness and swelling. If the patient has dry eyes, the surgeon may prescribe eye drops.

Direct sun exposure must be avoided as directed by the surgeon, and the patient should wear a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher for several weeks whenever they have to go outdoors. As the swelling gradually resolves, full results of eyelid surgery will be established over a few weeks or months.