Diamond Glow

Simultaneous Exfoliation, Extraction and Infusion

What is Diamond Glow?

  • The Diamond Glow treatment utilizes a diamond tip wand that delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment which deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Novel skin resurfacing technology provides simultaneous exfoliation with deep delivery of customized solutions directly to your skin.
  • The Diamond Glow treatment is non-invasive and leaves your skin silky smooth, hydrated, and bright.
  • This innovative facial treatment exfoliates, extracts, and infuses serums into the skin to give our clients that extra deep clean they have been asking for.
  • It extracts by way of suction while exfoliating with the use of the Diamond tip all while infusing the skin with a custom serum suitable for the condition of the skin.


  • All skin types
  • Can also be used while pregnant and or lactating

Plan for visit:

Stop using retinol or tretinoin 48 hours in advance


Can’t be used on open wounds or lesions

Within 72 hours, continued improvements were seen in:

  • Fine lines
  • Overall dryness
  • Radiance
  • Roughness

Why Choose Bloom Plastic Surgery

Our dedicated team works closely with clients to design treatment plans and to select the best skincare products that will address concerns such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, rosacea, and more.

If you would like to learn more about the skin treatments we offer at Bloom Plastic Surgery and which services might be best for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you!