The best cosmetic procedures are the ones that enhance your natural beauty.

Our physique is all-too-often impacted by factors that are frustratingly outside of our control. Weight gain and loss, hormonal fluctuations, life events such as pregnancy and childbirth, time and gravity, and even our genetic make-up often run counter to our daily efforts to improve our figure through diet and exercise. And they leave behind excess fat, unwelcome bulges and curves, loose and sagging skin, and even weakened and damaged musculature that adversely impact our shape and sag our self-confidence.

At Bloom Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in downtown Chicago, IL, we understand the frustration that stems from being unable to achieve the body shape we want, and we are here to help! Board certified plastic surgery Dr. Jacob Bloom offers a full range of body contouring options designed to help you rediscover the shapely, sexy physique of your dreams. To find out if body contouring surgery is the right option for you, contact Dr. Bloom at Bloom Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation today!

Your body contouring options at Bloom Plastic Surgery

Liposuction: Make love handles, the dreaded muffin top, and other unsightly bulges disappear, leaving behind only the beautiful, sexy curves you want!

Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss: You’ve done the hard work, now show off the results by eliminating the stretched out, damaged skin left behind.

Tummy Tuck: A flat, toned abdomen is difficult to achieve through diet and exercise, especially if there is muscular damage from pregnancy and childbirth.

Mommy Makeover: You devote yourself to taking care of your family, but you need a little TLC too. Repair the damage done to your body to look—and feel—your best!

Achieve the best possible results from your body contouring procedure

Dr. Jacob Bloom, Board certified plastic surgeon at Bloom Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL believes that the key to successful body contouring surgery lies in the powerful combination of detailed pre- and post-operative preparation, the very latest surgical techniques, and a warm, caring bedside manner that makes you feel at home discussing your goals, concerns, and dreams.

Taking the time to ensure that you understand exactly what body contouring surgery involves and how it will impact your overall appearance plays a critical role in ensuring your satisfaction with your surgical results. Dr. Bloom will work closely and carefully with you to help you:

• Articulate your body contouring goals in a clear and accurate way
• Make an informed decision about whether body contouring surgery is appropriate for you
• Feel comfortable and confident about your potential appearance after surgery

Dr. Bloom will also take the time to review with you the necessary pre- and post-operative requirements, provide in-depth instructions on the steps you can take before and after your surgery to help ensure that your surgery results in the naturally-beautiful physique you want while minimizing the potential for unwelcome complications and size effects, in order to maximize your comfort and swift return to health and beauty!

Why Choose Dr. Bloom?

Why select Chicago-native Dr. Jacob Bloom as your plastic surgeon? Because when it comes to something as important as the shape of your body, you want a highly-skilled, caring surgeon whom you can trust to make your health, your comfort, and your beauty his top priority!

Lead plastic surgeon at Bloom Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL, Dr. Jacob Bloom is Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. His knowledge of today’s advanced surgical techniques, backed by his years of training at University of Rochester and Harvard University, enable him to develop customized treatment plans designed to match the unique goals of each and every patient, while delivering long-lasting results that will subtly—yet still dramatically—enhance your natural beauty.

If you would like to learn more about the body contouring options at Bloom Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you!