Facial Surgery

Let your youthful energy shine through with naturally-beautiful facial contours!

Although the past decade has seen a dramatic rise in the popularity and availability of non-surgical rejuvenation techniques, the fact is that facial plastic surgery remains the most powerful, most successful way to correct problem areas that undermine the balance and symmetry of your facial contours. Non-surgical techniques can superficially and temporarily make you look a bit younger—and may be appropriate in some cases—but in many cases, truly dramatic and naturally-beautiful facial enhancement requires the powerful, long-term approach facilitated by plastic surgery.

Advanced facial surgery, when performed by a skilled, talented, Board certified surgeon such as Dr. Jacob Bloom at Bloom Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL can make dramatic, life-altering alterations to your facial contours, as well as minimize the unwelcome signs of the natural aging process to restore your youthful glow. Dr. Bloom offers a comprehensive menu of facial surgery options. If you are interested in learning more about how facial plastic surgery can achieve your goals, enhance the natural balance of your facial contours, and allow your youthful energy to shine through, contact Dr. Bloom today for your individual consultation.

Facial surgery options at Bloom Plastic Surgery

Facelift: Discover the most powerful, most comprehensive way to target multiple signs of facial aging naturally and beautifully!

Neck lift: Turkey gobble? Double chin? Sagging jowls? Let powerful neck lift surgery restore your sculpted jawline and sleek neck.

Eyelid Lift: Tired of always looking…well, tired? Blepharoplasty can minimize the lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and under-eye bags undermining your appearance of youthful vigor.

Rhinoplasty: You need not live with a nose that doesn’t fit your face. Rhinoplasty surgery can restore the natural harmony of your facial contours.

Select the Right Surgeon for Your Facial Surgery

You haven’t taken the decision to undergo facial plastic surgery lightly, nor should you choose your surgeon lightly. The face is a delicate, intricate part of our anatomy, and the most highly visible one at that. So it is critical to choose your surgeon with care. Selecting a talented, experienced plastic surgeon with specialized training and experience, as well as Board certification, will not only ensure that the final results of your surgery blend seamlessly and naturally with overall balance and harmony of your face, but will also minimize, as much as possible, the chances of complications, unwelcome side effects, and unappealing aesthetic consequences.

Dr. Bloom received advanced training in facial cosmetic surgery at not one but two prestigious medical institutions: the University of Rochester and Harvard University. This advanced training, coupled with his artistic eye, his commitment to customize every surgery to meet the needs of each patient, and his dedication to utilizing only the most cutting-edge surgical techniques enables him to achieve dramatic, naturally-beautiful results.

Why Choose Dr. Bloom?

Why select Chicago-native Dr. Jacob Bloom as your facial plastic surgeon? Because when it comes to something as important as your facial appearance, you want a highly-skilled, caring surgeon whom you can trust to make your health, your comfort, and your beauty his top priority!

Lead plastic surgeon at Bloom Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL, Dr. Jacob Bloom is Board certified by the highly-esteemed American Board of Plastic Surgery. His intricate knowledge of advanced surgical techniques, developed through intensive training at University of Rochester and Harvard University, enable him to develop customized treatment plans designed to match the unique goals of every patient, while delivering long-lasting results that will subtly—and dramatically—enhance your natural beauty.

If you would like to learn more about facial surgery at Bloom Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you!