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What are Botox Injections?

The appearance of facial signs of aging is one of the most common cosmetic concerns women as well as men. Cosmetic surgery solutions to reduce the appearance of these lines and wrinkles are available However, not every person is inclined to choose a surgical procedure. For such individuals, Botox offers a compelling and proven non-surgical… Read more »

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Options

For people who want to avoid cosmetic surgery to achieve facial rejuvenation, the surgeon may offer various non-surgical treatment options to reduce the facial signs of aging. A number of FDA approved injectable treatments are available today that can mitigate the effect of facial lines and wrinkles to restore a younger looking face. Focused board… Read more »

How to Prepare For Breast Reduction Surgery

Some advance preparation is always in order before a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast reduction. It is vital for the patient to follow the surgeon’s preparatory guidelines and stay fit for the surgery. A thorough preparation will create the foundation for a successful surgery. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss various… Read more »

How long does it take to recover from breast reduction surgery?

As with the recovery process following any major cosmetic surgery, breast reduction recovery will require time. To prepare the patient for the recovery period, the surgeon will discuss during the consultation about what to expect in the weeks and months following breast reduction. The patient should make a judicious decision after committing to the time… Read more »

How to Choose The Best Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

Breast reduction is a major cosmetic surgery procedure that should only be performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon to ensure safe and predictable results. Patients should make a judicious decision about their choice of surgeon after considering various factors.   Judicious and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast reduction to patients… Read more »

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce the size of the breasts by removing excess fat tissue and skin. This procedure can alleviate the physical strain on the back, neck and shoulders that could be caused by excessively large breasts. Breast reduction can also help a woman feel less self-conscious about her… Read more »

Questions to Ask Your Breast Reduction Surgeon

Before going ahead with an invasive procedure such as breast reduction cosmetic surgery, a woman should have clarity about the procedure and should feel satisfied with her choice of a surgeon. A well-informed patient will be in a better position to make the right decisions and will typically feel more confident and positive about the… Read more »

Your Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation

A thorough consultation process builds a good foundation for the breast reduction cosmetic surgery procedure. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient on various aspects integral to a breast reduction surgery as well as the surgeon’s practice. The patient should use this opportunity to freely ask the surgeon any questions she may… Read more »

Liposuction Procedure Steps

Liposuction is a versatile cosmetic surgery procedure that can be performed with the help of innovative techniques, including tumescent liposuction, laser liposuction or ultrasound-assisted liposuction. The procedure is also highly customizable and can be tailored according to the specific needs of a patient. However, the steps involved in the procedure will largely remain unchanged in… Read more »