Neck Lift Plastic Surgery Recovery

Neck Lift Plastic Surgery Recovery | Chicago, IllinoisNeck lift plastic surgery, medically known as lower rhytidectomy, is a relatively less invasive procedure. But it involves a significant recovery process which is crucial to the success and sustainability of the neck lift surgery.

The surgeon will offer the patient in-depth recovery instructions. The patient, on their part, should follow these guidelines carefully for a brief and comfortable recovery period.

During the pre-operative consultation process, the patient will be able to ask the surgeon questions and express any doubts that they may have about the recovery phase and downtime.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides neck lift to patients in Chicago, IL, and surrounding communities.


Estimated Downtime

Most patients will require one week of downtime after neck lift cosmetic surgery. They should arrange for a responsible person to drive them back from the surgical venue after the surgeon allows them to return home.

Working professionals should apply for at least one week of leave beforehand to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable recovery phase. The surgeon may prescribe pain medications to the patient to make sure that they remain comfortable during the recovery period.


Maintaining Blood Flow

The patient should stay at home and get adequate rest during the first week after the neck lift. However, the surgeon will ask them to perform light activities and take gentle walks within their home to maintain proper blood flow to the incisions areas.

The patient should wear loose-fitting, front-open, and comfortable clothing during the first few days after the procedure. They should not engage in vigorous exercises and lift heavy objects for the initial three to four weeks until the incision areas heal properly. Most patients will be able to return to their routine activities in one week after the procedure.


Checking for Infections

The post-operative swelling and bruising will resolve gradually after the neck lift surgery. However, if the patient experiences any abnormal signs such as constant or severe pain in the incision sites, pus in the incision areas, excessive swelling, or persistent high fever, they should promptly contact the surgeon’s office.

The patient should not expose the incision sites to contaminants as much as possible during the initial days after the neck lift. In addition, they should not submerge the incision areas in water until surgeon specifies otherwise.


Side Effects and Scarring

The patient will experience soreness and mild pain in the incision areas along with some bruising and scarring as temporary side effects after the neck lift. Some amount of scarring is inevitable after any surgery including neck lift. But the scars will slowly diminish appearing only as thin white lines.

An experienced surgeon will place incisions in the natural neck creases or other discreet sites to make any future scarring as inconspicuous as possible. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and nearby areas for neck lift.