Whether you have lived with dissatisfaction with the size of your breasts for many years, or are facing a change in their appearance due to life circumstances outside your control, the decision to alter the size and shape of your breasts with breast surgery is a highly personal, difficult decision, and not one to be taken lightly. Luckily, today’s next-generation breast implants and surgical techniques are safer and more effective than ever before, making breast surgery, for some, into a truly life-altering experience and enabling you to achieve the exact size, shape, and curvature you want for your breasts!

Are you a candidate for breast surgery? The fact is, women choose to pursue breast surgery for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Desire for larger, more curvaceous breasts and a more feminine profile
  • Treatment of medical and/or aesthetic problems stemming from macromastia (breasts that are too large and heavy)
  • Resolution of breast ptosis (sagging, low-hanging breasts) or other negative complications of lifestyle changes and the normal aging process
  • Improving upon the results of a prior breast surgery
  • Reconstructing natural-looking breasts after mastectomy, double mastectomy, radiation therapy, and/or traumatic injury

At Bloom Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL, Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom is pleased to offer all forms of breast surgery necessary to achieve these goals. If you would like to learn more about whether you are a candidate for breast surgery, please contact us today to schedule your consultation.