Breast Reduction

There’s no need to put up with the discomfort, the health concerns, and the embarrassment of overly large breasts that don’t match your shapely physique.

While the unfortunate stereotype is to believe that all women want larger breasts, the fact is that overly-large, extremely heavy breasts can cause a myriad of problems, including pain and discomfort, limited exercise and physical activity, and even self-consciousness and social anxiety. In fact, the weight of heavy breasts can cause any number of medical concerns, including:

• Headaches, even migraines
• Pain in the chest wall
• Prolonged neck, back, and shoulder pain
• Poor posture
• Tingling, numbness, and loss of sensation in the hands, breasts, or arms
• Insomnia, sleeping difficulties
• Deep grooves in the shoulder region resulting from bra strap pressure
• Breathing problems
• Persistent rashes between, around, and underneath the breasts
• Restrictions around physical activities
• Stretched skin on or around the breasts
• Breast ptosis (sagging, drooping breasts)
• Cystic breast infections (polycystic mastitis)
• Damaging impact on self-esteem and self-confidence
• Difficulty finding clothing and bras that fit appropriately

Fortunately, breast reduction surgery offers a safe and highly effective solution to the physical and emotional concerns linked to having overly large, heavy breasts. The goal of breast reduction is to dramatically alter the shape and size of your breasts, bringing them into a more proportionately balanced relationship with the rest of your body.

At Bloom Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in downtown Chicago, IL, Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom utilizes cutting-edge surgical techniques to re-size uncomfortable and embarrassingly large breasts to bring them into better proportion with your figure. By safely reducing the size of your breasts, our goal is to enable you to increase your level of physical activity, achieve a healthier level of self-esteem and self-confidence, and minimize—even eliminate entirely—the painful physical and emotional symptoms caused by overly-large breasts.

Your breast reduction procedure

Breast reduction surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure under IV sedation. For most patients, the procedure takes about 3-4 hours, but could take longer if an ancillary procedure such as a tummy tuck is performed simultaneously. During your pre-operative consultations, Dr. Bloom will conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation of your breasts and medical history, and will discuss your aesthetic goals for breast reduction goals, before selecting the most appropriate incision pattern to utilize during your specific surgery: circular incision, racquet (keyhole) incision, or inverted T-shaped (anchor) incision. Depending on age and family history, a preoperative mammogram can be indicated as a safety precaution.

During the procedure, Dr. Bloom will begin by reducing the size of the nipple and areolar complex (if necessary) and repositioning them into a pleasing position on the chest. He will decrease the size and volume of the breasts by eliminating fatty tissue and excising excess skin, before lifting and reshaping the breasts into aesthetically desirable contours. Sutures will be placed deep within the breast tissue to support the new, smaller shape. Although incisions do leave lasting scars, over time the lines gradually fade to the point where they are barely noticeable.

Your expectations for recovery after breast reduction

Most patients should expect to take at least a week off from work after their surgery, and avoid heavy lifting and exercise for at least six weeks. However, many patients feel symptomatic relief right after they wake up from surgery. At the conclusion of your surgery, Dr. Bloom will place steri strips over the incisions; these must be left in place until they fall off on their own. Dr. Bloom place you in a soft supportive bra with some additional light bandages. You will asked to wear a soft bra with no underwire for six weeks but may transition to a sports bra in 2-3 weeks. Most patients will experience some degree of post-surgical bruising and swelling, which can be managed with pain medications and oral arnica tablets. These side effects should subside within 2-3 weeks. You will notice the smaller size of your breasts immediately, of course, but your results will continue to improve for several months as the residual swelling decreases and your breast heal into their final shape.

Why Choose Dr. Bloom?

Why select Chicago-native Dr. Jacob Bloom as your cosmetic surgeon? Because you shouldn’t trust something as important as your appearance to just anyone! When you choose Dr. Bloom, you are choosing a warm and caring surgeon whom you can trust to make your health, your comfort, and your beauty his number one priority!

Lead plastic surgeon at Bloom Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL, Dr. Jacob Bloom is Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. His extensive knowledge of today’s advanced surgical techniques, coupled with his years of medical training in New York and Harvard University, allow him to create customized treatment plans that can match the unique goals of each and every patient, while delivering long-lasting results that will subtly—yet still dramatically—enhance your natural beauty.

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you!