What should you expect during a consultation for breast reconstruction?

What to expect during a consultation for breast reconstruction | Jacob Bloom, MDThe decision to undergo breast reconstruction plastic surgery after mastectomy can be a life-altering one. Therefore, the patient should proceed cautiously and review all aspects of this procedure prior to committing to it.

The initial consultation is a crucial element of the breast reconstruction process as it provides the patient with an in-depth understanding of the procedure and the several stages that it involves over many months.


Complete Disclosure

At the time of the consultation process, the patient will receive detailed information on the procedure. The surgeon will develop a customized surgical plan for the patient on the basis of the feedback they gather during the pre-op consultation.

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Ideal Candidates

A patient may undergo a single or double mastectomy resulting in the removal of her breast(s). For such patients, breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery may be an ideal procedure to restore the appearance of the breasts.

The surgeon will explain the physical and emotional benefits that the patient will derive from this surgery. But reconstruction surgery is not suitable for every patient.

The surgeon will determine whether the patient is currently free of cancerous tissue. They will also understand the patient’s lifestyle habits related to smoking and determine if she is committed to spending significant time and effort on the extended process of breast reconstruction.

In addition, the surgeon will evaluate the medical records of the patient to understand whether she has any health conditions that may pose a risk during the reconstructive process. The surgeon will also understand how the patient has coped with her cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Developing Expectations

The surgeon will assist the patient in developing reasonable expectations from the cosmetic surgery procedure by explaining its benefits and limitations. In addition, they may display breast reconstruction before and after images to the patient to enable her to develop realistic expectations from the procedure.

In doing so, the patient may be better able to understand the reconstructive process differs based on the patient’s unique circumstances and anatomy.

Each patient has a different experience with cancer. Their cosmetic and physical requirements may differ as well. Ideal breast reconstruction candidates have realistic expectations, concise goals, a positive mindset about the reconstructive process.


Surgical Planning

Breast reconstruction surgery can be undertaken in various ways depending on the requirements of the patient. Certain patients may choose to undergo mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery at the same time while others may decide to wait for a while after their mastectomy.

The surgeon will recommend the most suitable treatment options to the patient based on her body type, tissue quality, and overall health condition.

The two main breast reconstruction surgery techniques are implant and flap reconstruction. Either of these techniques involves different surgical approaches. The surgeon will inform the patient on both these techniques to enable them to make an enlightened decision.


Other Factors

The surgeon will also apprise the patient on the potential risks associated with the surgery during the pre-op consultation process. They will elaborate on the anesthesia type to be used, duration of the surgical procedures, and estimated costs of the surgery.

Most patients will be able to receive insurance coverage for the reconstructive surgery under their medical plans. If the patient’s insurer does not provide full coverage, they can seek information on financing options from the surgeon’s staff.

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