Your Neck Lift Surgery Consultation

Your Neck Lift Surgery Consultation | Chicago Plastic Surgery A lower rhytidectomy (neck lift) is a plastic surgery procedure that helps restore a smoother and more youthful looking neck. The neck lift surgery may be performed by itself, or more commonly, in combination with a facelift.

During the pre-op consultation, the primary goal of a dedicated surgeon will be to enable the patient to make a well-informed choice about the procedure. On their part, the patient should freely ask any questions or express doubts openly to the surgeon.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides neck lift to patients in Chicago, IL, and other towns and cities in this region of the US.


Patient’s Feedback

During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will seek to understand the patient’s reason for considering neck lift surgery and the aspects about their neck appearance that bother them. The patient should also inform the surgeon about any underlying health issues to enable them to develop a customized neck lift surgical plan.


Patient’s Cosmetic Goals

The surgeon will spend time understanding the patient’s unique aesthetic goals and desires to develop a customized neck lift cosmetic surgery plan that includes this feedback. This allows the patient to accomplish desirable results in a precise and minimally invasive manner.


Current Medical Condition

The patient should arrange for their medical records to be sent to the surgeon’s office directly from their physician or specialist before the consultation.

Furthermore, the patient should inform the surgeon of any underlying health conditions, autoimmune disease, or known allergies. This allows the surgeon to incorporate modifications in the neck lift surgical plan to minimize risks.


Ongoing Medications

The patient should enlist all prescription and non-prescription medications including vitamins and herbal supplements that they currently take and carry this list to the initial consultation with the surgeon.

In addition, the patient should also honestly reveal any specific lifestyle behaviors such as smoking to the surgeon. This information allows the surgeon to modify the medicine schedules and offer guidelines on quitting smoking for a specified duration for the patient’s safety.


Questions and Answers

During the pre-op consultation process, the patient will be able to ask the surgeon questions on the neck lift procedure and the surgeon’s background. They should unhesitatingly ask questions and arrive at a decision only when all their queries are addressed appropriately.

A committed surgeon will strive to provide the patient with detailed and honest answers to their questions to ensure that they are fully satisfied.


Photographs and Testimonials

The patient may ask the surgeon for neck lift before and after pictures and testimonials of previous patients. This will enable them to develop reasonable expectations from the neck lift surgery as well as understand the procedure from the point-of-view of other patients.


Pre- and Post-Operative Care Guidelines

The patient will receive detailed neck lift surgery preparation guidelines from the surgeon or their staff at the time of the consultation. It is sagacious to budget for at least one week of leave from their workplace to recover from the neck lift surgery. So yes, any patient should let their employer know about this before they undertake this type of surgery.

No one wants to keep something like this form their employer. It is not only being courteous it is being professional.

Moreover, the patient may also need to arrange someone responsible for driving them back home after the surgery as well as aftercare, if required. Successful cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and nearby areas for neck lift surgery.