Meg Hosking, PA-C, Goes the Extra Mile with Patient Care

At Bloom Plastic Surgery, our goal is always focused on providing high quality patient care. The addition of Physician’s Assistant, Meg Hosking, to our team has allowed a rare opportunity for our practice to enhance our connection to patients throughout their cosmetic and surgical journeys.¬†

Meg is an empath at heart and prides herself in being someone who establishes genuine trust with her patients immediately. This is due to her kind demeanor and desire for connection, which allows her to guide patients throughout their care. This kind of commitment to patient care forms the cornerstone of our practice as it allows us to understand and share in the feelings of our patients, fostering a connection that is essential for effective treatment and support.

Patient Care Beyond Clinical

Meg constantly seeks out opportunities to connect with patients to ensure that they are receiving the highest level of care. Whether it is a phone call the day after surgery, texting patients after aesthetic treatments to ensure they are happy with results, or guiding patients in their pre and postoperative care, Meg ensures that you never feel alone. 

Caring for patients goes beyond the clinical aspects of their conditions. It encompasses listening attentively to their concerns, showing compassion in our responses, and taking proactive steps to alleviate their worries and discomfort. Small gestures of kindness and understanding can have a profound impact on the overall experience and recovery, and we look forward to you experiencing this level of care with Meg and our team at Bloom Plastic Surgery.

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