NEW! Express Facials

NEW! Express Facials

We get it! You’re busy. Life is constantly pulling you in, what feels like, a million directions. This is why we’ve developed our new offering — express facials. An express facial is a facial treatment that focuses on improving skin health in a short amount of time. The procedures involved may vary. The main benefit of an express facial treatment is that it is not time-consuming. It is a good option for people who want to maintain their skin but are short of spare time.

Three Types of Express Facials

Diamond Glow Express » $175
*Exfoliate, extract, infuse* Diamond tip exfoliation with serum infusion. Serums are geared towards hydration, pore cleansing, anti-aging, and skin brightening. Ends with a mask to calm and hydrate the skin. (30 min)

Signature Express Facial » $125
Mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells to help improve dull or uneven skin tone. Ends with a mask to calm and hydrate the skin. (30 min)

Dermaplane Facial » $125
Light exfoliation in addition to removing the “peach fuzz” from the face. Helps improve product penetration and improves how makeup lays on the skin. Ends with a mask to calm and hydrate the skin. (30 min)

BONUSBook a group facial experience with three (3) or more people and receive a free gift! (while supplies last)

How to Book

Sydnei Olsen is a licensed aesthetician with experience in facial rejuvenation and corrective treatments. She is ready to take great care of your skin, and even provide recommendations on her favorite products. Simply click the button below, or call or text 312.549.8691 to book.

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