Breast Lift Risks And Safety

Breast lift cosmetic surgery has relatively low risks associated with it, and is seen as one of the safer aesthetic surgical procedures. Nevertheless, the surgery still has possible risks that are common to all invasive surgeries. These risks can reduce significantly if the patient chooses a prudent and reliable surgeon.

For a safe surgery, it is vital that the surgeon provides detailed instructions for surgery preparation to the patient and the patient follows these instructions with commitment. Prolific and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast lifts to patients in Chicago, IL, and surrounding locations across the landscape.

Common Risks

A few potential risks associated with a breast lift surgery include:


The risk of infection following a breast lift can include symptoms such as abnormally high inflammation and redness, skin that feels warm to touch, constant pain in the incision sites, fever, and/or pus. If any of these symptoms are occurring, the patient should immediately get in touch with the surgeon.

The risk of infection is reduced when the breast lift plastic surgery is performed in a safe and sterile surgical setting. After the surgery, the patient must ensure that the exposure of the incision sites to contamination is avoided.


In rare circumstances, uncontrolled bleeding can happen after a breast lift procedure. The surgeon should minimize this risk with a careful review of the patient’s medical history. The patient can also help minimize this risk by adhering to the surgeon’s instructions about not using certain medicines or supplements.

Poor reaction to anesthesia

Despite the pre-surgery assessment, in rare situations, an adverse reaction to anesthesia can happen during the surgery. This risk heightens if the patient is suffering from underlying health issues. An anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist will be in attendance during the surgery to monitor the patient and reduce the risk of complications.

Slow recovery

The risk of delayed healing occurs if the two sides of the incision are not sutured correctly or the tissue on either side of the incisions is dead. The risk of a delayed recovery is greater for people who smoke. Women who choose the anchor lift method of breast lift will also undergo a longer recovery. The surgeon will eliminate the dead tissue and place sutures on either side of the incision to correct this problem.

Loss of sensation in the incision areas

The repositioning of the nipples can cause loss of sensation, numbness, or a change in sensation in the areas around the areolas and nipples. In rare situations, the loss in sensation may be permanent. However, the temporary loss of sensation is not a cause for concern and this issue will gradually improve with time.

Unsatisfactory cosmetic results

In a few cases, the patient may find that the breasts appear mildly droopy or uneven post-surgery. Some patients may be displeased with the new shape or position of the areolas. In certain cases, a revision surgery may have to be undertaken to address the aesthetic concerns.

Successful and focused cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and other suburbs and cities in this part of the center of the country for a breast lift.