Breaking Down Ideal Breast Lift Candidates

During the pre-operative consultation, the breast surgeon will assess a woman’s candidacy for a breast lift cosmetic surgery. A responsible surgeon will only recommend breast lift in cases where a woman can significantly benefit from the procedure. If the breast tissue laxity is only mild, the surgeon may suggest a diet and fitness plan to improve the condition.

In some cases, the woman may have both drooping breasts and loss of breast volume. In such situation, the surgeon may recommend a combination of breast augmentation and lift to be performed simultaneously. Sterling, dedicated, and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast lift surgery to patients in Chicago, IL, and other towns and neighborhoods in this area of the Midwest.

Age of the Patient

The breast lift procedure can be performed on any woman who has fully developed breasts. However, this procedure is most common in women within the age group of 40 to 70 years. Women in this age bracket usually develop loose skin in the breast region, which causes the breasts to droop.

Women with large, pendulous breasts will often see more sagging in the breasts. In certain cases, the nipples can sag and point downwards along with the droopy appearance of the breasts. The ideal candidates in this age group are women who have some measure of elasticity in the skin, which can provide for smoother, natural appearing outcomes.

Weight Loss and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman may develop heavier breasts, and can quickly lose significant volume post childbirth and during breastfeeding. This inflation followed by a deflation of the breasts can cause droopiness in the breasts due to lax skin.

Such candidates can benefit significantly from breast lift plastic surgery to restore the breasts to their original look before pregnancy. A mommy makeover can also include a breast lift as a part of the combined procedure.

A woman who has lost a substantial amount of weight may also experience similar concerns. The loss of bulk in the breasts will produce surplus skin and sagging breasts. After the woman has attained her weight loss objectives and the body weight is stable, she may be a good candidate for a breast lift procedure to achieve tauter and firmer breasts.

Health Status

The breast surgeon will establish candidacy through a detailed review of the medical records and assessment of the general health status of the woman. In certain instances, specific medical tests or specialized mammograms may be required. Breast lift is a major surgery that is typically conducted under general anesthesia. Therefore, the health of the patient should allow her to sustain the surgery and anesthesia.

The candidate should not be a smoker or should be willing to quit smoking for two or three weeks before the surgery as directed by the surgeon. Some medications may be stopped or there may be some modifications required in the medication schedule. The surgeon will assess the patient for skin quality and laxity in the breasts.

Realistic Expectations

Experienced surgeons like to ensure that the candidate has a positive state of mind and realistic expectations before she chooses breast lift surgery. Innovative cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL and nearby areas in this part of The Prairie State for a breast lift.