Your Breast Lift Consultation

The first stage in the breast lift cosmetic surgery procedure is a detailed consultation. The patient should engage actively with the surgeon to ensure that the consultation is beneficial. A good consultation will form the basis of a successful breast lift procedure. 

Based on the information gathered during the consultation phase, the surgeon will develop a unique surgical plan addressing the specific requirements of the patient. Practical, considerate, and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast lift to patients in Chicago, IL, and surrounding locations across the horizon in The Prairie State.

Health Assessment

The surgeon will begin with a primary health exam to understand the suitability of the patient as a candidate for the breast lift procedure. The patient will be assessed for amount of looseness in the breast skin, breast anatomy, size and position of the nipples, and type and quality of the skin. In some cases, the surgeon may also order specialized mammograms.

The surgeon will review the comprehensive health records of the patient, and will question the patient on any current health problems that she may be facing. The patient will be weighed and measured to ensure that the new breasts are proportionate with the body.

Understanding the Patient’s Needs

It is important that the patient explains her personal cosmetic requirements and aspirations from the breast lift procedure to the surgeon in detail. This feedback will enable the surgeon to establish the kind of correction needed and if the breast lift should be carried out in conjunction with another plastic surgery procedure such as breast implants.

The patient can carry images from websites and magazines to highlight to the surgeon what kind of breasts she would want. The surgeon will take incorporate these inputs while creating a customized breast lift surgery plan to meet the patient’s particular needs.

Managing Expectations

During the consultation, the surgeon may show the patient before and after pictures of former breast lift patients. The patient can gauge what to expect from the surgery by viewing these images.

The surgeon will also address any concerns that the patient may have regarding the breast lift surgery. Some surgeons also share testimonials of previous patients to enable the new patient have a better understanding of the procedure and their practice.

Pre-surgery Instructions

The patient will have to adhere to certain instructions in preparation of the breast lift surgery. Some medications and supplements may have to be avoided prior to the procedure. Smokers will be asked to quit smoking for some time before the surgery.

The surgeon will explain to the patient the need to apply for a minimum of one week leave from work, arranging transport on the day of the surgery, or hiring a nurse for aftercare if needed.

Guidance about the Price Tag and Financing

The patient should feel free to ask about the estimated costs of the breast lift surgery, and discuss whether the surgeon’s office can offer some guidance about cost-effective financing options. Committed and wonderful cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and nearby areas for breast lift.