Your Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation

Your Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation A thorough consultation process builds a good foundation for the breast reduction cosmetic surgery procedure. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient on various aspects integral to a breast reduction surgery as well as the surgeon’s practice.

The patient should use this opportunity to freely ask the surgeon any questions she may have and discuss her concerns regarding the surgery.

The surgeon will ask the patient for information on her medical status and talk about her personal aesthetic goals.

They will utilize these inputs to create an individualized breast reduction surgery plan. The consultation is typically set-up well ahead of the procedure to ensure that the patient has sufficient time to prepare for the surgery. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast reduction to patients in Chicago, IL, and other cities and suburbs in The Prairie State.

Health Evaluation

The surgeon will assess the patient’s previous health records, perform a breast examination to evaluate the anatomy and level of laxity in the skin and try to understand more about her current medical condition.

The surgeon may order further assessment such as specialized mammograms in some cases. They will also review the patient’s past surgical procedures, a tendency for blood clotting, and drug reactions, if applicable.

Cosmetic Goals

During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will seek the patient’s reasons for considering breast reduction plastic surgery and what she finds undesirable about the current appearance of her breasts.

Certain patients may harbor concerns regarding the pain, soreness, or restrictions on movement as well as cosmetic issues. The surgeon will develop an individualized breast reduction surgery plan for the patient on the basis of her feedback about cosmetic goals.

Ongoing Medications

The patient should ideally enlist all prescription and non-prescription drugs that she is presently taking. She should also include any herbal supplements or vitamins in the list. The surgeon may ask the patient to change the schedule of a specific medication or ask her to not take it temporarily after consulting with the prescribing physician.

Realistic Expectations

The surgeon may present the patient with before and after pictures of past breast reduction patients to enable her to develop realistic expectations during the initial consultation. At times, the surgeon may also share the reviews and testimonials of previous patients. This helps the patient to get more insight about the surgery from the point of view of other patients.

In regards to these pictures, the real aspect here that should be emphasized is digital technology and the Internet. Using the devices we already own we can see these magnificent pictures or breast reduction surgery without paying one cent and view these pictures from our own couch in the dining room. Amazing! It is a brave new world.

Preparatory Guidelines

The patient will receive comprehensive instructions to assist her in preparation for the breast reduction surgery. Additionally, the patient may be given suggestions for a well-balanced diet and exercise. The surgeon or their team will also offer information on aspects such as payment methods, costs, insurance, and financing.

Questions and Answers

The patient will have a chance to ask questions and express her concerns regarding the surgery and understand more about the professional credentials of the surgeon. She may enlist her questions beforehand and carry the list to the consultation. The surgeon’s administrative staff may give the patient a short tour of the practice to familiarize her with the facility.

Asute cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and nearby areas for breast reduction.