Questions to Ask Your Liposuction Plastic Surgeon

A liposuction cosmetic surgery candidate should ideally have clear knowledge about all aspects of the procedure as well as the capabilities of the surgeon who will perform it. An aware and informed patient will be in a position to make better choices and will often achieve better satisfaction from the procedure in the end.

A committed liposuction surgeon will encourage patients to ask questions and clarify all their doubts and concerns.

The patient should feel free to ask a question twice if they are not clear about the surgeon’s answer the first time. The hardworking and fabulous Dr. Jacob Bloom is a board certified plastic surgeon providing liposuction and various other procedures to patients in Chicago, IL and Burr Ridge, IL.

Medial Thigh Liposuction

Questions to ask the Surgeon

  • Do you have a board certification in plastic surgery?
  • How many years of surgical training and practice experience do you have in this field?
  • Do you regularly perform body contouring plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, and what has been your patient satisfaction rate?
  • Will I have to undergo liposuction surgery at a hospital, ambulatory surgical center or a private surgical suite?
  • Do you have staff privileges in one of the local hospitals?
  • If any emergency occurs during the surgery, is practice equipped to deal with it?
  • If I am unhappy with the primary liposuction procedure, would you perform a revision surgery?
  • Which other plastic surgery procedures do you perform?

Questions about Liposuction

  • Am I a good candidate for liposuction?
  • Do you recommend any non-surgical treatments that may be performed in conjunction with liposuction or replace liposuction?
  • Will I have to make any lifestyle or dietary adjustments or changes to my current medications before the surgery?
  • Will you use general or local anesthesia to perform liposuction surgery? Learn about in-office liposuction.
  • Would you perform liposuction as an outpatient or in-patient surgery?
  • What are the potential risks and complications in liposuction surgery that I should know about?
  • How many days of leave should I apply my workplace for post-op recovery?
  • Can I have access to liposuction before and after photos to have a more realistic understanding of the results?

Questions about the Cost

  • How much will it cost me to undergo liposuction at your practice?
  • Does the cost estimate include the anesthesiologist’s fee and surgical facility expenses?
  • How much would it cost me for post-operative expenses such as compression garments, medical tests, and prescription medications?
  • Will you charge additionally for my post-operative office visits?
  • Will the procedure become more cost-effective if I choose liposuction in combination with other treatments at the same time?
  • Are there any circumstances where liposuction costs may be covered by health insurance?
  • Will your office be able to guide me about any competitive medical care financing options?

The patient should have these questions either written down or printed out before this meeting. This is a vital meeting since the patient has a busy life and other things to focus on and the surgeon has other patients as well. This is the time to ask for digital pictures and have these pictures explained so any patient knows what this type of surgery is comprised of and all assumptions are laid to rest.

The patient should make a final decision about choosing the liposuction surgeon only after they are satisfied with the surgeon’s replies to all their concerns. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL and nearby areas for liposuction surgery.