Replacing lost facial volume helps restore lost vibrancy and masculinity!

At some point most men begin to notice that they no longer look as young and vibrant as they once did. Yet not everyone is interested in or ready for the extensive rejuvenation of a surgical facelift or other more extensive procedures. Today’s powerful, next-generation injectable rejuvenation treatments can deliver powerful, long-lasting facial rejuvenation that can address multiple problem zones in order to reduce the signs of aging, enhance your facial contours, and restore your youthful appearance.*

Injectable rejuvenation treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical, but that does not mean they are without risk or that you should trust just any practitioner. Injectable treatments do still carry risk, however small, of potential complications. Most men worry about feminization of their features which can result in an unnatural, “worked on” appearance. Therefore, it is critical to select a skilled, qualified, Board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jacob Bloom at Bloom Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL who understands how these next-generation treatments blend with and restore your facial contours. Dr. Bloom prides himself in being a ‘naturalist’ when it comes to injectable treatments. Your barber, your golf buddies and family shouldn’t be able to determine why you look as good as you do! Dr. Bloom’s goal is to naturally replace what has diminished over time and is happy to be your best kept secret!

How do dermal fillers work?

Injectable dermal fillers are an ideal option for individuals seeking to minimize the visible signs of aging on the face without the cost and downtime required by surgical rejuvenation procedures.

Most of the dermal fillers offered at Bloom Plastic Surgery are designed to augment the skin’s natural levels of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA helps our skin retain moisture, which gives it the smooth, plump, healthy glow of youth. Unfortunately, as we age, our HA levels decrease, leaving the skin dry, rough, and wrinkled with uneven skin tone and a worn, gaunt appearance. In addition to HA Fillers, Dr. Bloom commonly uses Sculptra aesthetic to correct deficits in soft tissue. Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cell and tissue—for results that can last more than two years.

Injectable treatments can be performed in our office and usually require between 30-60 minutes. That includes an in depth consultation with Dr. Bloom to determine the best plan to achieve your desired cosmetic results. No anesthesia is required, although some patients may find the use of Pronox can eliminate anxiety and pain. Pronox provides a 50/50 mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen and is an effective analgesic that provides quick pain relief and recovery. The handheld device puts the patient in control of administering the analgesic when they feel like they need it. Side effects are usually minimal and temporary—slight redness and swelling at the injection sites being most common—and patients can return to all normal activities immediately.

Injectable rejuvenation options at Bloom Plastic Surgery

As new injectable rejuvenation options come to market Dr. Jacob Bloom continually evaluates the newest technology to offer at Bloom Plastic Surgery. While the options will continue to expand however some common options include:

JUVÉDERM ULTRA®: perfect for enhancement of the lips and earlobes, mild to moderate marionette lines and nasolabial folds.
JUVÉDERM ULTRA PLUS®: addresses lines, creases, and wrinkles in the lower face, including moderate to severe marionette lines and nasolabial folds
JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®: enhances and augments facial volume in the three areas of the cheek: the apex, the apple, and the hollow for a subtly rejuvenating lift to the mid-face. Also excellent for chin and jawline enhancement.
JUVEDERM VOLBELLA: Ultra thin pliable filler used with a cannula for tear trough and perioral rhytids (around the mouth). Lasts 9-12 months in most patients.
SCULPTRA (injectable poly-L-lactic acid) – Used in hollowed areas of the cheeks. Also can be used for hand rejuvenation or and buttock enhancement.

*Individual results may vary. Results not guaranteed.

Why Choose Bloom Plastic Surgery?

When considering dermal filler treatments, it’s crucial to choose an experienced injector who can assess your unique facial features and recommend the appropriate type and amount of filler to achieve your desired results. Our experienced injector, Lauren Gardstrom, APN at Bloom Plastic Surgery, can carefully evaluate your skin’s elasticity, volume loss, and wrinkles to develop a customized treatment plan that enhances your natural beauty.

Dr. Jacob Bloom, a board-certified plastic surgeon, oversees all dermal filler treatments at Bloom Plastic Surgery, ensuring that the injections are performed with precision and skill. We pride ourselves on educating our patients about the different types of fillers available, and rely on years of experience to recommend the best option for your individual needs.

Our team at Bloom Plastic Surgery has the expertise and attention to detail to help you achieve natural-looking results that enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. If you’re considering dermal fillers, choose an experienced injector for a safe and effective treatment.