Preparing For Eyelid Surgery

For a successful eyelid lift cosmetic surgery, it is important to have adequate pre-op preparation. Patients who are thoroughly prepared for eyelid surgery are likely to achieve better outcomes and faster recovery. They will also have a reduced risk of complications.

The marvelous and astute Dr. Jacob Bloom is a board certified plastic surgeon who follows the latest safety protocols for every procedure. Dr. Bloom will guide and assist the patient through the preparation process for eyelid surgery because this is the right thing to do and because it is the necessary thing to do. He provides this procedure to patients in Chicago, IL, and other communities and suburbs in this part of The Land of Lincoln.


Things to Avoid before Surgery

If the patient is a smoker, they will be required to refrain from smoking for at least a specified time period prior to the eyelid lift plastic surgery, and adhere to that restriction even after the surgery for a few days. Nicotine in tobacco smoke can constrict the blood vessels, resulting in higher risk of complications and a slow recovery.

Aspirin and other blood thinners, NSAIDs, certain prescription medications, herbal supplements and vitamins will have to be avoided for a few days before eyelid surgery. These medications can increase the risk of clotting as well as excessive bleeding. The surgeon may alter the prescription medication schedule in consultation with the prescribing physician.

Prior to the surgery, the patient make advance arrangements for transportation and aftercare. They may also set up a recovery station at home with all the essential supplies that they may need during the early recovery phase.


Pre-Surgery Arrangements

Before the scheduled eyelid surgery, the patient can arrange for a few basic things for a smoother recovery. They may stock up a few essential items at home, including:

  • Clean washcloths
  • Clean bowl for cold water
  • Ice packs
  • Bottle of artificial tears
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Extra pillows to keep the head raised
  • Groceries for a few days

On the day before the surgery, the patient should rest adequately and sleep on time at night.


The Day of Surgery

The patient should follow a few simple tips on the day of the surgery:

  • Thoroughly wash hair and eyebrows
  • Avoid using facial makeup
  • Do not wear jewelry, piercings, false eyelashes, or contact lenses to the surgery center
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes with front buttons or a zipper

Diabetics should have their vital parameters checked on the morning of the surgery.


Healthy Diet

A balanced and nutritious diet before and after the surgery is a key part of the preparation process. Good nutrients will help to build a robust immune system and reduce the risk of infections during or after the procedure. The diet should preferably be rich in lean proteins so that post-surgical healing can be faster. Fish, chicken, yogurt, eggs, and light cheese should be included in the diet to increase protein content.

Patients who are committed to following a balanced diet and a good fitness regimen prior to the surgery will find it easier to continue with healthy eating habits even later on. Stellar and reliable cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL and nearby areas for eyelid surgery.