Neck Lift Surgery Candidates

Neck Lift Surgery Candidates | Chicago Plastic SurgeryA neck lift is a safe and proven cosmetic surgery procedure to create a tighter, youthful looking neck.

Before consenting to perform the surgery, an experienced plastic surgeon will assess the patient’s overall medical condition, face, and neck structure, the degree of aging signs, and aesthetic goals.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides neck lift to patients in Chicago, IL, and surrounding communities.


Common Cosmetic Neck Concerns

People in the age group of 40 to 70 years may be good candidates for neck lift surgery. Men and women can both derive equally outstanding outcomes from this procedure. Some common aesthetic issues in the neck area prompting patients to seek this procedure are:

  • Damaged neck skin due to sun exposure, wind, or other environmental factors.
  • Excess deposits of fat underneath the chin leading to a double or triple chin appearance.
  • Slackness in the neck skin which has led to the development of the “turkey wattle” beneath the chin.
  • Sagging skin or excess fat deposits beneath the jaws.


Ideal Neck Lift Candidates

Ideal candidates for a neck lift plastic surgery are individuals who are unhappy about the existence of excess skin or fat or both in the neck area and who are willing to undergo a surgical procedure to restore a tighter and more youthful looking neck appearance.

Appropriate candidates will have some level of skin elasticity in the treatment area. The surgeon will also evaluate the patient’s overall health condition, past neck surgeries (if any) and the presence of specific medical conditions that may cause impediments in the procedure.


Presence of Skin Elasticity

Patients with some amount of elasticity remaining in the neck skin usually attain excellent neck lift results. The skin should have, at a minimum, enough elasticity to support a fair level of stretching.

The surgeon will excise the loose skin from the neck and re-drape the remaining skin tightly over this area to eliminate folds and wrinkles. It can be challenging to achieve good cosmetic outcomes if the skin is excessively thin or taut.


Good for Candidates in the Age Group of 40 to 60 Years

Individuals in their 40s and 60s can undergo neck lift surgery to eliminate loose skin “bands” and fat in the neck area. This procedure also contours the jaw and mitigates the “jowly” look that can develop in some patients.

It is important to note that it cannot restore the neck skin to its original appearances for patients in this age bracket. Nevertheless, it can take years off a person’s appearance.

Furthermore, neck lift surgery can make a person appear as if they’ve lost weight. Candidates should consult their surgeon to form realistic expectations from the surgery.

For some candidates, a neck lift combined with precision liposuction may be more beneficial. Following neck liposuction, the surgeon can treat and tighten excess skin developing an aesthetically desirable appearance.

These benefits prompt may candidates in their 40s to 60s to seek this procedure. However besides this age group, both younger and older candidates can receive this surgery. Prudent cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and nearby areas for neck lift.