How much does Liposuction Surgery Cost?

Liposuction is primarily an elective cosmetic surgery procedure to create a more sculpted figure. Therefore, the costs of liposuction are often not covered by insurance. Patients should carefully consider the estimated costs while selection this body contouring surgery.

At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss various aspects of liposuction with the patient, and apprise them of the costs involved. The first concern of a committed surgeon will be to educate the patient about all aspects, including the costs, in order to help the patient make the best decision.

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Price Factors

The dollar amount of liposuction can be influenced by a number of factors at a particular practice or for an individual patient. Some of the important factors include:


Size of the Area to be Treated

Liposuction can help reduce fat pockets in sites such as the thighs, buttocks, hips, flanks, back, breast, upper arms, neck, calves, knees and ankles. If the surface area and the amount of fat to be removed are large, the procedure cost may go up. If a patient’s case is more complex, it can also affect the price tag.


Number of Affected Areas

Liposuction plastic surgery may be performed in a single or multiple sites, depending on the patient’s needs. The cost of the procedure can vary according to the overall extent of the surgery and the number of sites involved.


Body Type

A patient will have a unique body type, and will require a certain amount of fat reduction that is proportionate to their overall body. If the patient has a larger body type, they may have to pay more for liposuction.


Choice of Technique

The surgeon may perform liposuction using the tumescent technique, which avoids the costs of general anesthesia. Laser or ultrasound assisted liposuction may have higher costs due to the use of advanced devices.


Surgeon’s Expertise

The fee of a fully trained and experienced surgeon may be higher than that of a less qualified or new surgeon working under the supervision of a senior surgeon. Patients should select the surgeon after evaluating their professional credentials and board certification.


Practice Location

Practices located in main metropolitan areas and leading urban centers typically have to bear higher real estate costs and other overheads. Therefore, they may have slightly higher costs compared to a practice in a small town in an interior region.  


Key Financial Components

While estimating the costs of liposuction, the patient should consider all the cost components, including the relatively minor post-surgical expenses:

  • Financial components of anesthesia
  • Surgical facility costs
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Pre- and post-op medical tests
  • Compression garment
  • Prescription medications
  • Post-operative visits to the surgeon’s office

Patients should ideally choose the best surgeon for their needs, and elements such as the surgeon’s fee should only be secondary considerations. Standout and committed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL and nearby areas for liposuction.