How do you prepare for breast reconstruction surgery?

How do you prepare for breast reconstruction surgery? | Jacob Bloom, MDBreast reconstruction cosmetic surgery is a major procedure, involving an extensive treatment and recovery process.

The patient will need to commit the necessary time for this reconstructive procedure. The surgeon will provide the patient with in-depth preparation guidelines for her breast reconstruction surgery.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast reconstruction to patients in Chicago, IL, and surrounding communities.


Breast Reconstruction Surgery Preparation

The following preparatory steps will help the patient prepare for their breast reconstruction procedure:

  • Get tests such as certain blood tests, chest x-ray, and an electrocardiogram done. At times, the surgeon may also order specialized mammograms for the patient.
  • In case the patient smokes, she will be required to stop smoking at least a month prior to the breast reconstruction to enable proper healing.
  • Not use anti-inflammatory medication, blood thinners, and certain vitamins and herbal supplements that can cause bleeding.
  • Alter the schedule of the prescription drugs in consultation with the prescribing physician.
  • Stay adequately hydrated for many days before and after the procedure for best outcomes.
  • Increase the consumption of lean proteins and consume a balanced diet for several weeks prior to the procedure.


At-Home Preparation

If the patient undertakes some advance preparation prior to the breast reconstruction plastic surgery, she can experience a seamless transition from the surgical facility to her home. The preparatory steps are as follows:

  • Make sure that necessary items at home are placed within easy reach as the patient will not be able to lift her hands for some days after the procedure.
  • Arrange for frozen food or ask someone for help preparing meals for the first few days of the recovery phase.
  • Do not lift weights that are heavier than five pounds for at least six weeks following the procedure. In the initial few weeks after the procedure, the patient should seek help for such tasks.
  • Buy essential items and clothing prior to the procedure.
  • Perform any home or work-related tasks before the procedure to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed recovery phase.


Comfortable Clothing

The patient may not be able to wear a top that pulls over her head for some days after the breast reconstruction surgery. For this reason, it is advisable to arrange for some comfortable front-open shirts and sweatshirts in advance of the surgery. Sweatshirts with internal pockets can be useful for storing drain tubes.


Other Suggestions

Before the surgery, the patient should place some extra pillows and blankets on her bed. Additionally, she may create a recovery station by her bedside on a nightstand with essential items such as mobile phone, remotes, a handheld mirror, and medicine box.

Stemming from this, she should arrange for some measuring cups in the bathroom for drain tube evacuation as directed by the surgeon. The patient should also arrange for aftercare based on her specific needs to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable recovery period.


Aftercare and Transportation

Breast reconstruction surgery is typically undertaken on an outpatient basis. Therefore, the patient should enlist a responsible person to drive her back home following the surgery.

If the patient has small children at home, she should try to arrange for someone to care for them for a few days. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and nearby areas for breast reconstruction.