How to Choose The Best Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

Breast reduction is a major cosmetic surgery procedure that should only be performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon to ensure safe and predictable results. Patients should make a judicious decision about their choice of surgeon after considering various factors.  

Judicious and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast reduction to patients in Chicago, IL, and surrounding communities and suburbs in this area of the nation.


Professional Credentials of Dr. Bloom

The reliable Dr. Jacob Bloom is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has the expertise to perform a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, including breast reduction plastic surgery.

Dr. Bloom has authored several peer-reviewed articles published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS), the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and the Journal of Hand Surgery (JHS). He has also presented his work at various national and international conferences.


Dr. Bloom’s “3C” Approach to Surgery

The 3C approach to procedures such as breast reduction sets Dr. Bloom apart from many other surgeons.


The capable Dr. Bloom does not believe that beauty is merely “skin deep.” He works with the scientific belief that most aesthetic problems originate on the inside. Therefore, when performing procedures such as breast reduction surgery, he will address the patient’s unique concerns in a holistic, comprehensive manner to create more sustainable, natural looking and thorough results.


Traditional surgical techniques developed decades ago could be used to reduce breast size, but they could make the plastic surgery work look more obvious. Dr. Bloom applies advanced, cutting edge techniques to create outcomes for breast reduction and other procedures that are conservative and subtle, but achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals in a naturally beautiful way.


The body, breast anatomy, health and cosmetic goals, and skin elasticity for each patient are unique. Therefore, the accomplished Dr. Bloom will never adopt a one size fits all approach to breast reduction surgery or other procedures.

He will create a customized surgery plan, taking into account the patient’s personal needs and goals. As a result, he is able to create deeply satisfying results for his patients in a targeted, less invasive manner.


Why Choose an ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

It follows rigorous standards of selection for awarding certification. ABPS board certified plastic surgeons typically following best medical practices and high quality standards, adopt the latest surgical techniques and technology, pursue ongoing education, and follow the current safety protocols to provide the safest and most effective solutions to their patients for breast reduction and other procedures.


Preferred Personality Traits in a Surgeon

  • Gentle, caring, and easy to converse with
  • Committed to educating the patient about all aspects of the procedure
  • Compassionate and able to connect and empathize with the patient to address their anxieties and concerns in an effective manner
  • Having an in-depth understanding of the patient’s unique anatomy
  • Having an artistic eye to create results that are medical superior as well as aesthetically appealing

The astute cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and nearby areas across the landscape for breast reduction.