Breast Reduction Surgery Preparation

FBreast Reduction Surgery Preparationor a major cosmetic surgery such as a breast reduction, the patient will need to undertake some advance preparation.

The patient should be prepared to diligently follow the surgeon’s guidelines and be well-prepared for the procedure. Meticulous preparation will build a strong base for a safe and predictable breast reduction surgery.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient on various facets of the surgery and pre-operative preparation.

The patient should freely ask questions and express any concerns regarding the preparation process. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast reduction to patients in Chicago, IL, and surrounding communities in this middle part of the country.

Arranging Health Records

To establish the patient’s candidacy, the surgeon may want to review the past health records of the patient. In case the surgeon finds something amiss, they will have a discussion with the physician prior to going ahead with the breast reduction plastic surgery. Alternatively, they may make changes to the surgical plan to make sure that the procedure is safe for the patient.

Diet and Exercise

The patient should follow a well-balanced diet and a regular exercise routine to build more resilience before the surgery. A healthy patient will be in a better mental and physical position to receive general anesthesia and surgery. In addition, they will also experience faster healing.

Avoiding Smoking and Alcohol

The patient should openly discuss their smoking and drinking behaviors with the surgeon during the pre-op consultation. The surgeon will ask the patient to quit smoking at least some weeks before the breast reduction surgery.

Smoking can heighten the risk of complications and cause delays in recovery. The patient may need to decrease alcohol consumption and will need to avoid it entirely for a minimum of 48 hours prior to the surgery.

Adjusting Medication Schedule

In case the patient routinely takes aspirin or other blood thinning medication, she will need to refrain from using them for a few days pre-surgery. The patient will also need to stop taking certain vitamins, herbal supplements, or even prescription meds in consultation with the physician. Such precautions in the preparatory stage will decrease the risks associated with bleeding during the procedure.

Transportation and Aftercare

A breast reduction surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis. The patient should arrange for a responsible person to drive her home post-surgery. She should also arrange aftercare for a few days, especially if she has small kids to take care of at home.

Other Aspects of Preparation

It is prudent for the patient to stock up on some important items such as loose clothing, pain medications, ice packs, and extra pillows at their home in advance. The patient may also create a private ‘recovery station’ beside their bed to enjoy a more comfortable recovery period.

She should ideally complete any important activities well in advance of the surgery to have a stress-free recovery phase. Successful cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and other suburbs and cities in this region of the US for breast reduction.