Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Before And After PhotosBreast reduction is a major cosmetic surgery procedure to create more smaller and more proportionate size of the breasts. The patient should have a clear understanding of all aspects of breast reduction before she decides to go ahead with it. To assist the patient in this process, the surgeon will show breast reduction before and after photographs during the initial consultation.

A dedicated surgeon’s first priority will be to educate the patient about breast reduction and help her make a well-considered decision. The judicious Dr. Jacob Bloom is a board certified plastic surgeon providing breast reduction and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to patients in Chicago, Ill and surrounding communities.

What are Breast Reduction Before and After Photographs?

Before and after photographs in case of breast reduction plastic surgery refer to a set of pictures pertaining to an earlier patient who has undergone the same surgery with successful results. The set includes photographs taken prior to the surgery and after the surgery at a stage when the healing is completed and full effects of breast reduction are visible.

The surgeon will take care to ensure that the pictures are obtained with the patient’s clear consent and presented before new patients in an appropriate and discreet manner. The patient’s identity may be kept undisclosed as necessary. The surgeon’s only purpose in this case is to use breast reduction before and after photos as a visual tool to explain its potential aesthetic benefits to new patients.


For a major surgery such as breast reduction, a new patient will likely have some concerns about how it may affect her overall figure, and whether it will really meet her personal cosmetic goals. Some patients may only require minor reduction by way of fat liposuction, while others may need a full breast reduction and skin tightening surgery.

In some cases, breast reduction may have to be performed in conjunction with a breast lift to achieve the desired results. In all situations, the patient will be better placed to make the right choices when she has access to breast reduction before and after photos.

This can happen during the consultation which will be mentioned again down below. Digital technology is fabulous and can help any patient make a decision in this regard. This means that the patient will be more comfortable with their decision and if they decide to go forward they will be less anxious and calmer.

This is better for anyone in the picture, no pun intended.

Reasonable Expectations

An experienced surgeon would know that best patient satisfaction levels are typically achieved when the patient has a clear idea of what the procedure can or cannot do for her. Therefore, some surgeons like to present breast reduction before and after photos at the outset to help the patient form reasonable expectations.


This simple effort mitigates the risk of any disappointment occurring at a later stage of the patient, and she will be able to appreciate the final results in a better way.

Online Images

The surgeon can upload breast reduction before and after photos on their practice site in a dedicated Photo Gallery section but in this case a patient will have to make a consultation where these outstanding pictures will be revealed.

Dr. Bloom believes in transparency but also respects other peoples’ privacy so any patient will have to set up a consultation to see these pictures. Setting up a consultation is extremely simple. Here a patient will be able to see these pictures and understand the fine work that Dr. Bloom can do. He has satisfied countless patients before and they are living better lives because of it.

It will improve her perspective about breast reduction surgery and help her decide whether to seek a personal consultation with the surgeon. Astute cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL and nearby areas for breast reduction.

Successful and focused cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom receives patients from Chicago, IL, and other suburbs and cities in this part of the center of the country for a breast lift.