Our physique is all-too-often impacted by factors that are frustratingly outside of our control. Weight gain and loss, hormonal fluctuations, life events such as pregnancy and childbirth, time and gravity, and even our genetic make-up often run counter to our daily efforts to improve our figure through diet and exercise. And they leave behind excess fat, unwelcome bulges and curves, loose and sagging skin, and even weakened and damaged musculature that adversely impact our shape and sag our self-confidence.

At Bloom Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in downtown Chicago, IL, we understand the frustration that stems from being unable to achieve the body shape we want, and we are here to help! Board certified plastic surgery Dr. Jacob Bloom offers a full range of body contouring options designed to help you rediscover the shapely, sexy physique of your dreams. To find out if body contouring surgery is the right option for you, contact Dr. Bloom at Bloom Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation today!